Life is just a bowl of…Choices

Easy Choices…

Paper or plastic?

Is it for here, or to go?

Rare, medium or well done?

Tall, grande, venti?

Tap water, bottled water, fuzzy water?

Margarine or butter?

Soup or salad?

Dressing on the side, or tossed in?

Dessert or just the check?

Manicure, pedicure, or both?

Credit or debit?

Relatively Easy Choices…

Gas-guzzler, diesel sucker or hybrid?

Mommy van, or family wagon?

Breast feed or bottle?

Public schools, or private?

Organic or not?

Spend the night, or go home?

Plastic surgery, or au naturel?

Western medicine or Eastern?

Wait for it to go on sale, or buy it now?

Make love, or not.

Fight or flight.

Say I’m sorry, or stand my ground.

Marry or not.

Place the blame, or take ownership.

To see the glass half empty, or half full.

Difficult Choices…

To believe there is strength in weakness, or to ‘be strong.’

To judge ourselves for whom we should be, or accept ourselves for who we are.

To be a Human Being, or a Human Doing.

To believe that God exists outside of us, or to believe that God exists within.

To strive to hold on, or to let go into stillness.

To believe that what we do is who we are, or to believe that who we are is simply who we are.

Just let life unfold, or strive to make it happen?

To meet ourselves with mercy and love, or meet ourselves with judgment.

To resist the inevitability of change, or to embrace the inevitability of change.

To see the face of God in all, or not see God at all.  (Yogi Bhajan)

12 thoughts on “Life is just a bowl of…Choices

  1. What I love about your mind is how you can start with simple choices like fuzzy water or still and bring it back to who you are, who we are, spiritual beings having a human experience. Your words really penetrate deeply tonight as I have struggled with making myself vulnerable and am consciously choosing to not judge myself. Your sage wisdom continues to lift the veils of judgment. All those opportunities for happiness missed because of being caught up in trying to escape pain and suffering. I cherish your voice of cultivating compassion & embracing change. I do. I cherish you. Thank G-d for you. love

  2. I’ve read so many wonderful posts today I didn’t think I could read anymore, but you made me change my mind! This is a wonderful post about the choices all of us are forced to make, recognizing that every choice also has a consequence. Everything is placed in such a beautiful synopsis in your poem that it is extremely thought provoking. Thanks for sharing! Elizabeth.

  3. wow. life is full of choices…no wonder we fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted. thank you for your enlightening perspective on making choices that truly matter and conserving our energy around those that don’t SO MUCH.

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